Greg Mitchell ABR/SRS

Sales Representative

Sales agent: noun; one who facilitates a life enhancing and mutually beneficial transaction between a vendor and purchaser. Sounds simple…right?

Hi. My name is Greg Mitchell.

I have joined Erie’s Edge Real Estate Ltd., a brokerage with roots dating back to January 10th, 2011. Having personally done business with the firm, I know that their business principles and high ethical standards are in sync with my own.

The definition of a sales agent above is not always the one that comes to mind when people are asked to describe what a salesman or sales agent is. Many of their responses would not be printable here. But I would like to introduce myself to the community as someone who really does understand what a sales agent is supposed to be. I’ve staked much of my livelihood on it.

At age ten, I opened my own dew worm stand on the side of the road. It’s where I learned the value of showing up early and staying late. (The early bird really does get the worm). Later, I graduated from my formal education with top honours in each chosen discipline. My years in automotive parts and service sales prepared me for the last career. Before settling in to what I love, I have sold and helped install highly complex fluid transfer systems to a wide variety of demanding clients in heavy industry, agriculture and municipalities.

Being raised on a farm sure came in handy as well. As most farmers will tell you, a lot of what is learned on a farm cannot be taught anywhere else. That same farm also changed from dairy to beef and then to cash crop.

Those scary changes taught me how property values can change a lot and fast. I learned very early on how to anticipate and react to market fluctuations. My wife Courtney and I followed these markets over the course of our marriage and logged many hours and kilometres researching, visiting and purchasing properties.

We learned the good, the bad, and the ugly of property investments. It’s not simple and we always valued the helping hand of a smart and understanding real estate expert – be they an agent, a lawyer and /or accountant.

I developed a passion for this market and have decided that after working for 10 years in the fluid transfer market in North America and overseas, it is now time to stick closer to home and do what I love best – helping family’s like yours with their real estate transactions.

Things all over the country are changing fast in all sectors. As a result, properties will change hands frequently. Unfortunately for some, the need for these transactions will show up at the worst possible time under tough circumstances. Other more lucky folks may decide to buy or sell at their convenience for their own financial logic and timing, be it a farm, commercial property, private home or even a vacation/retirement home.

Whatever the need, I intend to be an effective sales agent by helping them all get through the experience with the least amount of stress and the best outcome. Most of my past clients have become friends because we have solved problems – some simple – some complicated – together to our mutual satisfaction.

I look forward to all those friends I have yet to meet and help navigate through their real estate transactions smoothly. It can start today by calling the number below as I already have buyers looking for houses and as always welcome we need sellers.

Call my 24 hour cell: 519-983-6908 (Greg Mitchell) e-mail: