Jeff VanRybroeck

Sales Representative

As a third generation VanRybroeck, with family roots in Tillsonburg dating back to the 1940’s,  it’s evident Jeff VanRybroeck not only lives in Tillsonburg, but calls it home, raising his three children here.

In 1963, the VanRybroeck family started a small construction business ‘VanRybroeck Windows and Aluminum’. A business based on hard work, honest and quality service. Growing up with the family business and having these morals instilled in him at a young age, has shaped Jeff into a successful business man who’s not driven by the all mighty dollar, but instead, a man who holds family and integrity at value.

Having worked in construction throughout his entire life, Jeff has immense knowledge of what a quality building, structure, or house should entail. Jeff has flipped houses, owned rental properties, built homes and studied structures from a safety perspective. Experience that comes in quite helpful when someone is looking to invest in properties.

4 years ago, Jeff attained a position as fire chief of a neighbouring municipality, which meant he could no longer give the attention to his real estate clients that they needed and deserved to have. Partnering with Your Local Real Estate Team, a unique real estate partnership in which clients don’t have one agent representing them, but instead four agents representing them… with all hands on deck, giving around the clock service… Jeff knew he could maintain his relationship with past clients, continue to work with current clients and welcome new clients.  Confident that they would continue to have quality service and hardworking representatives, Jeff knew partnering with this team was imperative for his relationships, because clients could continue to work with him, but have a remarkable team on their side as well.

With confidentiality held at the upmost respect, quality service, hard work and above all else, respect and honesty for his clients… Jeff brings a down to earth approach to the real estate world. Knowing first-hand how emotional a move can be, or how finances can make ones stomach flutter, Jeff doesn’t look at a building as four walls, but instead, as a home, a memory, a journey or an ending. Understanding that emotions can take the front seat, Jeff has an empathetic approach and time is not a factor when it comes to making one of the most important decisions of your life.