Ontario land and farms for sale or lease

Ontario has a wealth of land, farmland and country real estate for sale or lease, including:

  • small farms
  • agribusiness
  • pasture land
  • farm real estate

There are also substantial opportunities to purchase land for sale or lease land for residential, commercial or business use, both in rural and urban areas.

Here’s how the local knowledge and experience of Your Local Real Estate Team™ can help you find the type of farmland or building land you’re looking for.

Farmland and farms for sale in Ontario

In Ontario, you’re never far from a farm. This part of Canada offers a rich diversity of agriculture, from arable and livestock to vineyards and vegetable farms. Our team of local real estate representatives have genuine interest and experience in helping people buy farms and farm land for sale (or not for sale). We can help you locate the ideal area and farm real estate for the type of agricultural business you are interested in.

Unlike buying land at a land auction, we’ll help you look beyond the number of hectares / acres / acreages for sale, and research details on the local conditions, the market opportunities and the current viability of the farm or business.

To discuss your particular requirements for any type of agricultural space, call us – 519-409-7653.

Other non-residential for sale or lease in Ontario

In addition to farm land for lease or sale in Ontario, there are many opportunities to own or rent acreages of land including:

  • hunting land
  • recreational land
  • undeveloped land and vacant land
  • Crown land for sale
  • forest and timberland lots

Buying land in Ontario for development

If you’re looking to buy land in Ontario, you have a wide choice when you call Your Local Real Estate Team ™.   We offer residential land for development, either as existing lots on a subdivision or as acreages of prime development land. We also have commercial land, industrial land and retail land opportunities, ready for you to create your business premises or manufacturing base.