Local Home Inspections

When you’re buying a property in Ontario, it really pays to have a home inspection.

Home inspections are conducted by a professional home inspector who checks the condition and structure of all types of houses, whatever age or condition. Your Ontario home inspector will check out major elements of the home, such as the foundations, electrical systems, plumbing, sufficient ventilation in the attic, and the state of the roof (if possible).

Your home inspector will give you a report of the properties conditioned condition, as seen at the time of inspection. It will cover:

  • the condition of major systems and components of property
  • any areas of the home that are in need of repair, or unsafe
  • any visual evidence of past problems with the property

Armed with your home inspection report, you can make a more informed offer on any property, since you are fully aware of any visible repairs or issues. You can also ask the property seller to:

  • make repairs
  • resolve defects
  • reduce the asking price to compensate for the cost of work required

Most home inspectors recommend that you are present in person for your home inspection so you understand what is written in the report.

Do bear in mind that your home inspector can only conduct a visual check. If the roof is covered with snow for example they will be unable to check its external condition. They also won’t see any problems that are hidden within walls or in inaccessible areas.

Your Local Real Estate Teams ™ Recommended Home Inspectors

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Crooker Hancox (519) 751-3128 crookerhancox.com
Jim Ward / Complete Home Inspections (519) 550-4998 chi-1.ca