Find your local mortgage broker in Ontario

Most people finance their home or property purchase with some sort of loan or mortgage. If you are taking out a mortgage for the first time, or are looking for a mortgage for your new property, then time spent with a mortgage broker is time well spent.

Mortgage brokers have access to all the best deals on the market, not just those available from your bank or existing mortgage provider. So you have more choice, and more types of loans to choose from.

Mortgage brokers and lenders are tightly regulated, and have to adhere to very strict rules, so at first they may all seem the same. However, there are vast differences in knowledge and attitude. All mortgage brokers we’ve recommended below are professional and efficient people to work with, who present information in a straightforward fashion, enabling you to make a properly informed decision.

All mortgage brokers are bound by the Ontario Mortgage Brokerages Lenders And Administrators Act 2006, which lays down details of how they should be licensed, and particularly their duty of required disclosure. This requires any mortgage broker to accurately disclose to the borrower the cost of borrowing, expressed as a rate per annum. They should also inform you if the mortgage is to be paid at a future date or in installments.

Most mortgage brokers wouldn’t dream of working any other way anyway, but if you want to read the full law here is the link.


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Drew Jansen / HCL Home Loans Canada (519) 777-6678
Mathew Eade / Scotia Bank (519) 771-5773
Joel Balberman / Investors Group (519) 756-5834 Ext. 208