Find your ideal home for downsizing, retirement and senior living

There comes a time in our lives when we realize that the home we own isn’t the home we need anymore. Maybe the kids have left home, and rooms lie empty for much of the year. It costs more and more each year to heat a house you only use half of, and the repair jobs are mounting up too.

And what you really want to do is enjoy life, without the worry of an oversized home, or one that’s suitable for your current or future needs.

Time to find a new home with the expert help of Your Local Real Estate Team™!

Retirement and senior living properties

You’ve worked hard for your retirement, so enjoy it! We’ll help you find the ideal home for your new lifestyle, whether you’re downsizing to a comfortable cottage with lake views or a smart new condo that you can easily ‘lock and leave’ while you travel around the world.

So, whether you want a new home near a golf course, or just a smaller home nearer the grandchildren call us: 519-409-7653. Together, we’ll get you moving into retirement easily and with the minimum of fuss.

Homes for senior living

Our team really does understand how people’s requirements for a home change with age, (we’ve got older parents and grandparents too.) So, we can help you find accessible properties that are well suited to those with limited mobility, including:

  • bungalows
  • single storey homes
  • smartly designed duplexes
  • condos with elevators

Our experience in selling homes in Ontario also enables our team to spot the potential for adapting houses for senior living with straightforward improvements. (You can even get a tax rebate for these types of improvements through the Ontario Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit scheme.)

And if you’d prefer to be in a retirement community, with everything on hands from communal gardens to social events, we know the best places to buy, for a carefree, relaxing retirement.

Downsizing your property

You may find your current house is just not suitable any more for your circumstances, and you’re still years off retirement age. Perhaps you need to move for health reasons, or for a new job. Perhaps you would rather be in the town, or in the country, or you need to liberate a little cash or reduce your loan debt by selling a larger home you don’t really need any more.

Your Local Real Estate Team™ have all the right reasons for downsizing, so call us and we’ll find the right one for your needs. We can also help you sell your home or rent a new home – call for details on 519-409-7653.