How to sell your house in Ontario

When you’re looking to offer your house for sale, Your Local Real Estate Team™ can take care of every detail, from taking photos and creating a listing, to conducting showings and receiving offers.

There’s lots of little ways that you can help your sales representatives sell your house better, and attract the right buyers and the best price. So, here are some top tips on how to sell your house fast from Your Local Real Estate Team™.

1. Tell us everything

As your chosen real estate sales team, we want to sell your home in the very best way we can, and that involves us knowing all about it. Tell us all about your home for sale, including:

  • its history
  • how you’ve extended or amended it
  • when it was last rewired
  • new features such as an eco-friendly HVAC system you’ve installed

Sell us too on your fabulous garden, the sunny patio, the home cinema in the basement. If you do know of any problems that might emerge on a home inspection or title search (Land Registry office search), do tell us. It’s far better for us to know upfront so we can field questions from home buyers if they arise.

2. Tidy up before the photos

With so many buyers viewing homes for sale online, high quality photographs of your house are crucial. Ensure your home looks it’s very best when we come to photograph it. Clear away clutter, kids’ toys, clothes, etc, and clean windows and surfaces. You might also want to temporarily find a new home for family photographs; buyers want to imagine themselves living in your house.

3. Let the light in

Homebuyers want to see a house that’s inviting, and often that’s simply a case of making it look bright and cheerful. Pull back drapes, clean windows to let natural daylight in, and strategically position lamps inside for a homely yet well-lit feel.

4. Polish and clean

The cleaner your home is when prospective buyers arrive, the better, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen area. If you hate cleaning (we do too…), invest in a one-off professional cleaning service to give your home a thorough clean, and then just top it up as required.

5. Give your home curb appeal

Not every prospective home buyer comes to an agent first. Some will drive around an area they are interested and look for “For Sale” boards, or check what’s for sale on the internet MLS® listings. So, your home is effectively on view from the moment you decide to sell. Keep your front yard tidy, clean the drive, mow the lawn, and keep the garbage under control. In summer, add tubs of flowers for extra visual interest, and in winter ensure all outside lighting is working well.

6. Send your furry friends on a holiday

Not everyone loves animals, and some buyers might be put off by the smell of a wet dog or the cat’s dinner. On viewing days and open house days, treat your pets to a play day away with friends, so you can concentrate on selling your home.

7. Home showings: let us take the strain

Home showings can be stressful and sometimes upsetting, especially when buyers start discussing how they would change this, tear down that, and as for the colour of the bedroom walls… Our professional sales team knows how to show your home to its very best advantage, from the order in which we show the rooms to the way we describe key features. We can also be more objective, and suggest ways in which your home is better suited to buyers’ needs than previous properties they may have seen.

8. Hold an Open House

This is a great way to build interest in your house sale, and get multiple showings on one day. Set a time slot for people to come and view your home (usually 2 – 3 hours max), and we’ll advertise it to prospective buyers. As with showings, ensure the house is clean, tidy, and children and pet-free (both tend to find open houses very stressful anyway). One or two of our team will be in attendance to help sell the features of your home, and make sure they know who to contact to make an offer!

9. Do a bit of selling yourself

Extra marketing never hurts, so feel free to help us sell your home. Some clients have prepared information sheets on the local area, for example, including nearby schools and transport links, plus personalized touches such as favourite restaurants or dog walks. These don’t have to be fancy but they might help set your property apart from the other five your buyer could be seeing that day…

10. Call us anytime

As Your Local Real Estate Team™, we are here to help. So, if you have any questions, requests or enquiries, just give us a call 519-409-7653.